Message from the Rector,
Doctor of medical sciences, professor V.A. Lazarenko

Dear friends, guests of our site!

We welcome you on our site and offer information about Kursk State Medical University. The University is in well-known in the country for its scientific achievements, the system of the teaching quality and outstanding graduates. Among the outstanding figures of the medical science and practical health service in our country and throughout the world are academicians Yu.K. Skripkin, V.N. Nikolayeva-Menshikova, V.K. Gostishev, corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences - G.E. Ostroverkhov, G.I. Annenkov, A.F. Bykovsky, V.N. Guriev, O.K. Skobelkin, A.V. Zavyalov, general of the medical service R.A. Marasanov, five laureates of state prize, etc.

Kursk State Medical University is a team of creative personalities whose basic mission is to provide in the Central Black Earth Region quality medical education offering training and retraining of highly qualified specialists for rendering up-to-date medico-social assistance to the population in the light of priority national projects. The university is committed to realizing the creative potential, providing conditions to display initiative, creative work, practical forms of solidarity, tolerance, conflict-free behavour, fair problem solving.

The mission of the university is oriented to profound knowledge of human health, medical science development and health care practice improvement. Teachers, students, interns, postgraduates and doctoral students are a part of intellectual, professional and cultural elite. Their professionalism is based only on the prestige of knowledge, skills, competence, spirituality, morality, patriotism, general and personal culture and responsible discipline.

The university staff and students follow the rules and regulations of our mutual motto Professionalism. Medico-social competence. Effective humanism. Great responsibility. The prestige of the university.

Have you a nice browsing, we are hopeful our contacts will be continuous.

February 07, 2017

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